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Forty-six years ago, La Carlota was a fledging city. It’s officials had the common desire to develop the City into an ideal community for its residents. Each one was optimistic that with the hard work, cooperation and enthusiasm, they would achieve their dream for the city and provide a better life for its people. These officials agreed that one urgent need for the growing city was that of an institution of higher learning that could offer quality but affordable education to the youth in the city and adjoining communities.This dream became a reality through the collectives efforts of the “Municipal Board” under the administration of the late city mayor Jaime Mariño, vice mayor Prospero Rojo and councilors Loreto V. Valera, Manuel C. de los Reyes, Jose A. Liansing Sr., Jose R. Ferrer, Anacleto T. Jereza Jr., Renato L. Sofio, Josee J. Jalandoni and Emilio M. Sadivar. By authority of Municipal Ordinance 193 they established La Carlota City College in 1966, chartering it in R.A. No.4585 also known as the Charter of the City of La Carlota. In 1967, the courses initially offered were secretarial science and education with a modest enrolment of 234 students. In 1984 yhe graduate school was recognized which offered Master of Arts in Education until 1987. It was followed by Master of Science in Agriculture, Master in Public Administration and Master of Arts major in Educational Management in consortium with the Aklan State College of Agriculture. The college set a milestone when CHED order No., 36 was issued in 1996authorizing LCCC to offer its own Master in Public Administration (MPA) program. As enrolment steadily increased, the college faced a shortage of classrooms and facilities. Her needs were met when in November 1998, the Board of Trustees of La Carlota City, La Castellana and Pontevedra Planters Foundations, Inc. donated to the city government the site and building of the Planters Foundation Technical School in Brgy. Cubay City Mayor Juancho Aguirre formally accepted the

donations and readily turned over the Cubay Campus to City College.The City College requires its students to get involved in community work such as Mother”scasses, police internship, office practice, practice teaching, and rural extension projects. They are not only adequate training for the students but technical and professional help to the community as well. In January 2001, the accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities (AACCUP) awarded the BEED program level 1 status , level 2 in Dec. 2002. Bachelor oinBusines Administration, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Agriculture received level 1 status in 2003. Under the leadership of President Dr. Amelia I. Valera, the city College has received support from friends and alumni that helped improve facilities on campus. A generous donor was former representative of the 4th District Edward Matti, who released a budget of P2.5M for the construction of the JPRcenter. He also donated 10 brand new computers, 7 printers,12 brand new typewriters, band instruments and an extensive collection of Filipiniana and Rizaliana books for the College Library. Governor Joseph Marañon also donated P1M which was used for the construction of Friendship Hall (P400,000) 2 restrooms(P500,000) and the installation of 10 lamps (P100,000). Friends in La Carlota have generously contributed to the construction of fences, gates, the Rizal statue, concrete and covered walks on campus. Engr. and Mrs. Niere donated a total of P1.1M for the Rose of Sharon Hall, now used for 3 classrooms and to house the graduate and guidance offices. Today with a strong academic program, highly qualified instructors improved facilities and active involvement in community service, the City College has become a pride and landmark in La Carlota City.

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