1.    High School Graduate

a.    Report Card (Form 138-A)

b.    Two ID Pictures 2x2

c.    Birth Certificate (Photocopy)NSO

d.    Certificate of good Moral Character (Original)

e.    Police Clearance (for Criminology students)

f.    Laboratory & X-ray (for CHA & DM students)

2.    Transferee

a.    Transfer Credential or Honorable Dismissal from the school last attended

b.    Transcript of Records

c.    Two ID pictures 2x2

d.    Certificate of Good Moral Character from the school last attended

e.    Birth Certificate (Photocopy) NSO

3.    Cross Enrollee

a.    Permit to enroll from the School Registrar

b.    2 ID pictures 2x2

4.    Returning Students

a.    School clearance from the office of the Administrative Officer

b.    Two ID Pictures 2x2

5.    Freshmen

Passing the Entrance Examination for Midwifery students and Placement examination in English and Mathematics for all other courses. Except for those who wish to enroll in Education Course must comply with the minimum requirement of 85% general average.