La Carlota City College innovative higher education institution moving towards autonomy and producing competitive graduates and global leaders.


La Carlota City College is committed to provide innovative-quality instruction, relevant research, technology-based extension and market-driven products that empower graduates for local and global competitiveness.

Goal 1: Quality and Relevant Education Programs
Specific Objectives:
a.Secure government recognition from the CHED for all academic programs.
b.Enhancement of materials and equipment to strengthen institutional and instructional needs.
c.Improve the instructional standards of the institution.
Goal 2: Holistic Human Competence through trainings, advanced studies and research.
Specific Objectives:
a.Enhance faculty through trainings, workshops, conferences and advanced studies and research.
b.Strengthen the implementation of programs on awards and incentives.
c.Enhanced linkages with stakeholders to promote wellness.
Goal 3: Relevant Research
Specific Objectives:
a.Conduct institutional research for the improvement and innovation of curricular instruction and community extension services.
b.Conduct study on enhancement of office procedures and processes.
c.Enhanced linkages with stakeholders to promote more venues for research.
Goal 4: Technology- based extension programs
Specific Objectives:
a.Strengthen linkages with local and international stakeholders.
b.Introduce appropriate and sustainable technology to community beneficiaries.
c.Maximize employees and students involved.
Goal 5: Market- driven products
Specific Objectives:
a.Conduct consultative conference of industry competency needs.
b.Increase student’s hours of exposure to actual workplace.
c.Package new programs, practices and services.